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AC Maintenance

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Complete AC Maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon

Rogue Valley Heating & Air Proudly Offers AC Maintenance Services To Homeowners in Grants Pass and All of Southern Oregon.

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Your air conditioners should run consistently throughout the summer with no problems. Ongoing preventive maintenance keeps every part operating at peak performance to help you maintain a flow of cool air in every room. So, when you need AC maintenance in Grants, Oregon, turn to Rogue Valley Heating & Air. 

We offer routine inspections, cleaning, and part replacement for all types of air conditioners and cooling systems. From central air units to heat pumps and ductless ACs, our technicians can help you save time and money with our annual maintenance plan. Fill out our online form or call today to schedule AC maintenance service in Grants Pass.

AC Maintenance Services We Offer

AC Inspections

We conduct detailed AC inspections to spot any issues early, checking the air handler, condenser unit, evaporator coil, and air filter. This helps avoid major problems and expensive repairs later.

AC Maintenance and Care

To keep your AC running smoothly, we offer comprehensive maintenance. This includes cleaning, lubricating parts, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting electrical connections, preventing breakdowns and ensuring efficient cooling.

AC Cleaning

Dust and dirt can hinder your AC’s performance. Our cleaning service removes these, ensuring your system circulates clean air and improving your home’s air quality.

AC Part Replacement

Should our inspection find any damaged parts, we’re ready to replace them with high-quality components. From air handlers to condenser coils, we ensure your AC runs efficiently with our skilled replacements.

How Do I Know My Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance?

As a homeowner, it’s essential to recognize the signs indicating that your air conditioner requires maintenance. If you notice reduced airflow, strange noises, or inconsistent cooling, it’s time to schedule a maintenance service. Additionally, an increase in energy bills or frequent cycling on and off are indicators that your AC unit needs professional attention.

Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system. By understanding what is included in AC maintenance services, you can appreciate the value of this proactive approach to caring for your cooling system.

What is Included in AC Maintenance Service?

During an AC maintenance service, our skilled technicians perform a range of tasks to ensure your air conditioning system operates at its best. This includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing air filters
  • Checking and adjusting refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting and cleaning condenser coils
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Testing and calibrating thermostat settings
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Checking for leaks in the system
  • Evaluating overall system performance

These comprehensive tasks are designed to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your air conditioning system.

What Are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

Regular AC maintenance offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your cooling system. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Improved energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings on utility bills
  • Enhanced cooling performance, ensuring consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures
  • Prevention of major breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Extended lifespan of the air conditioning unit
  • Better air quality within your home, promoting a healthier living environment
  • Peace of mind knowing that your AC system is well-maintained and reliable

By understanding the benefits of AC maintenance, you can make informed decisions to prioritize the care and upkeep of your air conditioning system.

Check Out Our Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan

At Rogue Valley Heating & Air, we offer an annual HVAC maintenance plan to provide ongoing care for your heating and cooling systems. 

With our maintenance plan, you can enjoy regular inspections, tune-ups, and priority service to keep your HVAC system in top condition throughout the year. We make your  home comfortable and your HVAC systems operate efficiently, saving you money on repairs and energy costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional AC Maintenance

Why is professional AC maintenance important? 

Professional maintenance helps prevent major breakdowns, ensures efficient operation, and extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

How often should I schedule AC maintenance? 

It’s recommended to schedule maintenance at least once a year, preferably before the cooling season begins.

Can I replace the filter on my own? 

While you can replace the filter, professional technicians can also perform a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your AC system.

How does AC maintenance help save money? 

By improving energy efficiency, reducing the risk of major malfunctions, and extending the lifespan of your AC unit, maintenance ultimately saves you money on repairs and utility bills.

What role does the air handler play in AC maintenance? 

The air handler is a critical component of your air conditioning system, responsible for circulating cooled air throughout your home. Professional maintenance ensures the air handler operates smoothly and efficiently.

AC Maintenance Near You

Don’t let a worn-out air conditioner compromise your safety and comfort. Fill out our online form or call to schedule service and get a free estimate on AC maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rogue Valley Heating & Air provides residential and commercial cooling services in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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