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AC Replacement in Grants Pass & Medford, Oregon

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AC Replacement

Rogue Valley Heating, Cooling & Electrical proudly offers AC Replacement services to homeowners in Grants Pass, Medford, and all of Southern Oregon.

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If you are considering replacing your air conditioner, it’s essential to work with an HVAC company that can help you find the right model and install it to your specifications. Rogue Valley Cooling offers complete AC Replacement in Grants Pass & Medford, Oregon. 

From AC inspection to installation and replacement, we provide high-end service so that your home stays cool and comfortable. 

Fill out our online form or call to schedule an AC replacement in Grants Pass and Medford. Get a free estimate and don’t forget to ask us about our specials.

Quality AC Replacement Services We Offer

AC Inspection

Before considering AC replacement, it’s crucial to have a thorough inspection of your current system. Our expert technicians will assess your air conditioning system’s condition, checking for any wear and tear, assessing the efficiency of the unit, and identifying any potential issues that may require attention.

AC Installation

We handle the installation of your new air conditioning system, ensuring that it is seamlessly integrated with your existing setup. We take into account factors such as the size of your home, cooling requirements, and energy efficiency to provide you with a tailored installation that meets your specific needs.

AC Replacement

If your current air conditioner is outdated, inefficient, or experiencing frequent breakdowns, it may be time for an AC replacement. We’ll guide you through the process, helping you select a new, high-efficiency system that will keep your home cool while reducing energy costs.

5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

  1. Frequent Repairs: If your air conditioner requires frequent repairs and the repair costs are adding up, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new system that will work properly without constant maintenance.
  2. Age of the System: Air conditioning units have a lifespan, typically around 10-15 years. If your system is nearing or past this age, it’s a good indication that it may be time for a replacement.
  3. Increasing Energy Bills: As air conditioning systems age, their energy efficiency tends to decline. If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills, it could be a sign that your system is no longer operating efficiently.
  4. Inadequate Cooling: If your current air conditioner struggles to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it may not be powerful enough to meet your cooling needs. Upgrading to a more powerful AC unit can significantly improve your indoor comfort.
  5. Outdated SEER Rating: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures the efficiency of an air conditioning system. If your current system has a low SEER rating, replacing it with a high-efficiency unit can lead to substantial energy savings.

What Should I Consider When Replacing My AC?

  • SEER Rating: When considering replacing your air conditioner, pay attention to the SEER rating of the new unit. Higher SEER ratings indicate greater energy efficiency, which can lead to lower energy bills.
  • Size and Cooling Capacity: It’s essential to choose an AC system that is appropriately sized for your home. A system that is too small will struggle to cool your home efficiently, while an oversized system can result in excessive energy consumption and uneven cooling.
  • Energy Efficiency: Opting for a high-efficiency air conditioner not only reduces your energy bills but also minimizes your environmental impact. Look for ENERGY STAR certified units for maximum efficiency.
  • Installation and Maintenance Costs: Consider the upfront installation costs as well as the long-term maintenance expenses. Investing in a quality installation and maintenance plan can prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system and minimize repair costs.
  • Long-Term Savings: While the initial investment in a new air conditioning system may seem significant, the long-term savings in energy costs and reduced repair expenses can make it a cost-effective choice.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

When facing issues with your air conditioning system, the decision to repair or replace can be challenging. While repairs may offer a temporary solution, frequent breakdowns, and increasing repair costs may indicate that replacement is the more practical choice. 

Investing in a new, high-efficiency air conditioning system can provide long-term benefits, including reduced energy bills, improved indoor comfort, and peace of mind knowing that your home is equipped with a reliable cooling solution.

Upgrading Your System: Our AC Replacement Process

When you choose to upgrade your air conditioning system with Rogue Valley Cooling, you can expect a streamlined and efficient replacement process. 

  1. Inspection and Consultation: We begin by inspecting your current air conditioning system to assess its condition and discuss your cooling needs and preferences.
  2. Selection of New AC: Based on the assessment, we help you choose a new air conditioner that fits your requirements and budget.
  3. Removal of Old Unit: Our team carefully removes the existing air conditioner unit, ensuring all connections are safely disconnected.
  4. Installation of New System: We install the new AC unit, making sure it’s properly connected and functioning efficiently.
  5. Final Testing and Guidance: After installation, we conduct thorough testing and provide guidance on how to use and maintain your new air conditioning system.


Investing in a high-efficiency air conditioner can significantly reduce your cooling bills while providing superior comfort for your home. With modern advancements in HVAC technology, high-efficiency AC systems offer improved performance, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced environmental sustainability. 

By upgrading to a high-efficiency unit, you enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment, lower your energy bills, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.


How often should I have my AC system serviced? 

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues.

What is the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit? 

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10-15 years. However, proper AC maintenance and timely repairs can prolong its longevity.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my AC system? 

In addition to upgrading to a high-efficiency unit, simple measures such as regular filter replacement, sealing ducts, and utilizing programmable thermostats can enhance your system’s energy efficiency.

Is central air conditioning more efficient than window units? 

Central air conditioning systems are generally more efficient and provide consistent cooling throughout the home compared to window units.

What are the benefits of a maintenance plan for my AC system? 

A maintenance plan can help prevent costly repairs, extend the lifespan of your system, optimize energy efficiency, and provide priority service when you need it most.

Professional AC Replacement Near You

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Rogue Valley Cooling provides residential and commercial cooling services in Grants Pass, Medford, and all of Southern Oregon.

Give us a call today at 541-476-3211 to schedule your service or repairs. 

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