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Heat Pump Maintenance

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Heat Pump Maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon

Rogue Valley Heating & Air Proudly Offers Heat Pump Maintenance Services To Homeowners in Grants Pass, Oregon and The Surrounding Areas.

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Have you scheduled your annual appointment for heat pump maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon? If not, you should consider how heat pump tuneups and inspections help your system last longer and avoid a random breakdown. Maintenance allows you to have uninterrupted access to your heat pump when you need it most and can help you save money on future repairs or a system replacement. 

Choose us for your maintenance because:

  • We’ve offered five-star service since 1899
  • We are a licensed and insured Oregon business
  • We have a positive reputation in the local community

During maintenance, we will check for refrigerant leaks, ensure your heat pump operates without issues, address any duct leakage, and more. Our services are thorough and cover all angles of your heat pump. The service technicians on our team can work on all brands, types, and models.

Enjoy year-round heating and cooling and comfortable temperatures. Contact Rogue Valley Heating & Air today for a service quote!

Signs You Need a Heat Pump Maintenance Appointment

Consider the last time you had an expert perform maintenance work on your heat pump. If you’re unable to set the thermostat below 65 degrees, it’s been several years, or your system is acting up, you could benefit from maintenance services. When you can no longer heat or cool your home properly and are noticing a decline in efficiency, it’s likely you have something wrong with one or more areas of your heat pump.

Some other indicators you should book heat pump maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon, include a lack of airflow in your vents and foul smells. Once you call our business, a service technician will check all parts of your indoor and outdoor units, addressing any problems with the pump, swapping out dirty filters, and replacing a broken capacitor or other faulty part.

Benefits of Booking Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Heat pump systems need maintenance at least once a year, but more so when there’s a clear issue present. You might believe that your heat pump works fine without maintenance, but it’s extremely crucial. You deserve the highest quality comfort and to get the most out of your heat pump, but putting off maintenance and not making it a priority doesn’t help.

After scheduling a heat pump maintenance appointment with our team, you’ll experience the following benefits and more:

  • A Longer Lasting Pump: You’re less likely to need a new heat pump by keeping up with maintenance. Our maintenance addresses broken parts, dirty filters, connection issues, and more to decrease expensive repairs and replacements.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: When you maintain and clean your heat pump, the air circulating through your property will have less dirt, debris, pollutants, and more. You’ll breathe healthier, safer air while enjoying a fully-functioning heat pump.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Your heat pump won’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your home if it’s operating at maximum efficiency. You’ll spend less money each month on your energy bills and use less energy for cooling and heating. 
  • A Safer Property: Broken heat pumps could have gas leaks or dangerous wiring issues, but a maintenance appointment can safely address these problems before they get worse. Our staff helps our clients have safe pumps in their homes and businesses. 

DIY measures simply aren’t enough to ensure your heat pump works without an issue. Our professional technicians have the training and experience necessary to address refrigerant problems, manage the thermostat, and resolve faulty sensors. Plenty of complex components make up your heat pump, but Rogue Valley Heating & Air is prepared to get them in superior shape.

Contact Rogue Valley Heating & Air for Heat Pump Maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon

Protect your heat pump investment by keeping up with proper maintenance and contacting our expert team. Our heat pump service technicians offer impeccable workmanship and a detailed inspection of your heat pump, restoring it to optimal shape. We will address any problematic areas, replace any broken components, and test the unit before completing the job, guaranteeing the greatest possible maintenance results in Grants Pass, OR.

Schedule routine heat pump maintenance in Grants Pass, Oregon, with our trusted HVAC company. We also offer maintenance for other types of heating and air conditioning systems, ensuring everything is in top shape. We’ve helped our clients achieve peace of mind and can help you too.

Call Rogue Valley Heating & Air today at (541) 507-9007 to book an appointment or schedule services online.

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